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    Growing Pains & the Internet


    Deeper Magic From Before The Dawn Of Time, Robbie MacGregor


    Robbie is interested in where the tools we use everyday come from. He argues that there is power in knowing how things work, especially when it comes to technology and the internet. He encourages us to learn technology’s biases and argues that we need to do away with the idea of technology as magic. While he acknowledges that not everyone is going to take up programming he insists we should at least learn the rules of the game and be curious about how technology works.

    Form/Content/Then/Now/Tomorrow, Sam Love


    In this lecture Sam discusses protests in contemporary society and how they have changed since the civil rights movement. Sam considers the possibility that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift as the nature of space and time shifts through technology and political awareness shifts to consciousness.

    The Outer Space of the Internet: A Conversation on Our Digital Universe, Eryn Foster and Ryan Suter


    Eryn and Ryan discuss the impact reading Susan Sontag had on their thought and their practices as photographers. They believe Sontag was prophetic in the context of social media and the internet and that we have all now become curators of our own exhibitions of self through social media platforms and the cultural obsession with documentation.

    Growing Pains and the Internet, Ella Tetrault and Bethany Riordan-Butterworth


    In this talk Ella and Bethany discuss their curatorial residency at CFAT and the new Fuller Terrace website!

    Halifax - 2664 Fuller Terrace at 9pm

    * entrance from Bellaire Terrace (rain or shine)

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