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    Guilty Pleasures


    Artists on Primetime , Kate Walchuk

    Kate Walchuk

    Drawing from popular shows such as House, CSI, and Dexter, Kate discusses the negative portrayal of artists on primetime. While Kate does not believe these portrayals are accurate she concedes that myth is often more entertaining that reality and artists writing grants would probably not make good television.

    Talking out loud, David Dahms


    David’s guilty pleasure has always been talking. Now that he has his own radio show talking has simply become a pleasure. In this lecture David talks about talking.

    Shocked by the power, Shawn Duggan


    Shawn discusses his lifelong love for music and his two biggest musical guilty pleasures; Kylie Minogue and All Saints.

    I don't feel bad about this at all, Kaleigh Trace


    Kaleigh does not feel guilty about talking about sex; in fact she does it for a living. In this lecture Kaleigh shares three lessons she learned in her quest for shameless sex.

    Halifax - 2664 Fuller Terrace at 9pm

    * entrance from Bellaire Terrace (rain or shine)

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