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    How To Be An Adult- The Sequel-Halifax


    Hand-Crafted Pleasure Through Time: A History of Toys for Adults, Anna Taylor

    Anna Taylor

    Anna identifies as a casual academic, a perfect term for this short enlightening lecture on historic phallic imagery and sex toys. Anna discusses the connections between phallic imagery, spirituality, and sexuality.

    A Grown Up Way to Play, Sean Farmer

    Sean Farmer

    This lecture is a series of propositions about being an adult. Sean takes as his starting point the definition of an adult as someone who is fully developed and therefore complete. He discusses the binaries of work/play and nostalgia/impatience.

    What are your qualifications? , Jody Zinner

    Jody Zinner

    The most important question in Jodi’s adult life has been “who do I serve”. In this lectures she pursues a post-modern twist and asks some very interesting questions of adulthood.

    Wonder’Neath Studio- 2891 Isleville Street, Halifax 9pm

    Indoor location

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