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    The End


    Please Remember Me, KarenHawesandKathrynJohnson


    Karen and Kathryn tell the story of their friendship, beginning with their first fated encounter in Kathryn’s kitchen.

    The End: Real Life Aliens and Hypothetical Invasive Extraterrestrials, Kris MacLellan

    Kris MacLellan

    Kris combines his love for nature and science fiction in this lecture about invasive alien species. Comparing alien species of the plant variety to fictional aliens, Kris reveals how many of the cultural fears surrounding alien invasion are applicable for invasive plant species as well.

    A collective tarot reading, Pierre Belanger


    In this lecture Pierre leads a collective tarot reading and teaches the audience all of the major tarot cards including the apocalypse card.

    how I learned to love hamburgers and cars in that order, Chris Lockerbie


    Chris tells two stories in this lecture. The first story is about eating the perfect hamburger at a diner in rural Ontario that included among other toppings, “onions that would make a statue of Steven Harper cry”. The second story is about a car Chris bought for $100 and named the Black Cat.

    Halifax - 2664 Fuller Terrace at 9pm

    * entrance from Bellaire Terrace (rain or shine)

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