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    We the Living


    Beauty & Truth:Civilization and Its Discontents, Jonathan Rotsztain


    Using the work of spiritual leader Oberto Airaudi and artist Luigi Serafini as examples of human achievement, Jonathan questions if civilization really is the pinnacle of human achievement.

    Should that story be told?, Shelah Allen


    Shelah is a storyteller who gives walking tours in Lunenburg. In this lecture Shelah discusses the difficulties of choosing which tales to tell and how to tell tales that are factual and entertaining while still honoring the dead.

    Aoxomoxoa, Andrew Maize


    Aoxomonxoa is the title of a Grateful Dead album, it is also term for the kind of bliss achieved while flying a kite. In this lecture Andrew gives a brief history of kites and how he has used kites in his art practice to honour the dead.

    Dead Funny: Props, Posing and Post-Mortem Amusement, Claire Seringhaus


    In this lecture Claire discusses the funnier aspects of death and mourning and shares some of the interesting death related practices she has researched in various cultures around the world.

    Lunenburg - NSCAD Fire Hall, 40 Duke Street at 9pm

    *rain or shine

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